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Defining the optimal user journey or identifying technical issues that may be affecting the performance of a website is part of the service we can offer. Without some way of measuring the performance of websites it’s difficult to reliably know what effect site changes have on key performance indicators (KPI). We’ve years of experience implementing and working with Google Analytics and can setup and monitor Google Analytics accounts. If you would like to understand how your website is performing we can help provide Google Analytics reports.

Google Analytics

Storing information about a websites visitors is useful in many ways from reporting marketing return on investment (ROI), tracking lead acquisition methods, reporting on page views, finding which keywords are commonly used to find your website, realising popular user journeys and learning where barriers to purchase may be found. Google Analytics is often used by website owners to accompany more robust, accurate server side analytics suites that companies like Adobe offer, sometimes to validate analytics data and often as it’s easy to produce useful reports for quick analysis. There are a few web analytics suites out there that have good reviews, while Google Analytics is currently free it’s a good solution.

Conversion Analysis

An important point to remember when analyzing data on your visitors is the vast majority of visits to your website will have a commercial intention. This intent is normally someone looking for a service or product, for research, review or purchase or some other goal, they have a need.

With the appropriate analytics in-place and subsequent analysis it’s possible to learn where opportunities are for further SEO and traffic growth. Ofcourse you need to attract the right visitors with the propensity to convert, realising what your potential customers are searching for and providing for a users needs goes some way to gaining visibility in search engines.

Website SEO Analysis

SEO analytics can help uncover site-wide issues or identify areas where improvements could be made to the structure, content, navigation, link profile or other aspects of the user experience. We can help identify and resolve such problems, get in-touch with us to discuss how we may help improve your search visibility, sometimes simple changes can make a huge difference in conversion rates and overall visitor volumes.

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